Seminar Testimonials

West Coast Women’s Clinic for Midlife Health

2009 - 2012

"Choosing You – The Power to Change”

‘Helped me to be honest with what I really want.”

“Loved the coaching demonstrations – effective and inspiring!”

‘You created a safe environment to dig deep.”

“Providing a safe and open environment to share. Asking questions that got the  ‘core’ of me.”

‘Encouraged people to relate and interact and contribute their insights.

‘Helped clear up the fog in my thinking.”

‘Wonderfully non-threatening yet full of significance.”

Doing was Wheel of Life was eye-opening! I never realized how important spirituality was in my life – or the lack of it!’



Annual Baptist Women’s Harvest Conference


“Delightful, practical, common-sense and very encouraging!”

‘The workshop is amazing. I felt so sad and discouraged before the workshop but I walked away hopeful and renewed.”

“Great! Engaging! Funny!  Inspirational!”

‘I appreciated the personal stories and the opportunity to see Laura work with others through the coaching process…and you didn’t give up when given vague answers.”


“ A great introduction to coaching. I haven’t let myself dream for a very long time – I want to really live!”

“Loved it all – a lovely balance of listening and working together.”
“ I thought I had very little to offer as I looked into the future – I know now that I can look into the future with optimism.”



Bethany Covenant Women’s Retreat


 ‘Growing Friendship – Loving each other well”  Phillipians1:9

‘ The most impact was from your stories and then your wisdom….fitting into a real and authentic landscape.”

‘Laura speaks with a serenity and calm that comes from a deep well.”

‘This workshop brought an important part of me to life. I feel like I have been lifted high and them drop-kicked in a good way. It brought me full–circle.”

“ I liked how your questions to individuals in the group sessions brought us all closer together.”

“The weekend allowed me the time to speak my thoughts and gain clarity on my own life.”

“Laura’s presentation style is like sitting across the table from her sharing a conversation.”

“The best part was being uncomfortable at times but you didn’t leave us there.”

“You were very relaxing to listen to and compelling – I was never checking my watch!”

“Laura was amazing at being able to connect with people and draw out of them what they needed to say.”



Barnabas Marriage Retreat 


 ‘Be good friends who love deeply” Romans 12:9-10

‘I loved the coaching philosophy of asking questions without being attached to the outcome…just being curious.”

‘I was blown away that you were able to sit down with my husband and me and within 2 minutes read us like a book. I think this will change our life and our marriage.”

‘The interpersonal interaction helped to deepen and strengthen our community.”

‘I have remembered that it is good to dream.”

“ I realized that a small step can have a big impact.”

“I loved your combination of directness and understanding of individual input. I creates a wonderful sense of community in the group.”

‘I loved how you asked questions rather than just speaking to us all the time.”

“Very creative using different elements such as music, videos, stories, questions, etc…”

“Laura speaks from the heart. Her transparency was appropriate and insightful.”

‘This method of asking questions is such a good tool that I know we will use in our marriage, work and other relationships.”



Pivotal Call - Vancouver & Toronto

2009, 2010, 2011

"Laura's Slam Dunk complimentary coaching session was an overnight success for me. Since learning from her four weeks ago, I have a 83 per cent success rate, having turned five of six sessions into coaching contracts. Laura's method has immediate impact and effortlessly builds a foundational connection between coach and client, vital for a wildly successful coaching relationship. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to learn from Laura."

Nadine Nicholson ABC*
Nicholson Coaching



Coaching in the Context of Friendship


Jill Korstrom
Certified Life & Legacy Coach
Meridian Life Design Inc. 
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