The Pivotal Call

- a seminar for new and seasoned coaches outlining the essential components to building rapport and delivering a successful initial Complimentary coaching session. The first session is the pivotal call in building a successful coaching practice.


Wheel of Life 

— focuses on life balance. Participants rate each area of their life and ask the question, "What do I want and what do I need to do to make it happen?" Change of one degree can have substantial impact.


Goals Setting 

— a presentation using a simple formula for setting a goal and creating structure to maintain the vision and sustain motivation.


Retired or Re-fired 

— for people preparing for retirement or who are currently retired. Retirement requires serious planning in many areas—not just financial. Focus is on personal values, identity, relationships, health, risk-taking, learning and health.


Always in a Perspective 

— based on the belief that our reality is framed by the perspective we hold. This light and fun workshop explores how there is right, there is wrong and sometimes there is green.


Personal Mission Statement 

— based on Steven Covey's work in identifying one's core values and creating a powerful statement that symbolizes the who, what and why for each participant.


Coaching as a Management Tool 

— looks at coaching as a model for leadership and team building. Learn how coaching motivates and promotes unity and excellence. Experiment with coaching techniques that can be immediately implemented.