Pivotal Call: A True North Coaching Seminar

Laura North

A Step by Step Guide to a 'Slam Dunk' Complimentary Session - to build your business and get great clients!

You can spend hundreds of hours taking courses to improve your coaching,

You can spend hundreds of dollars creating slick marketing strategies,

You can spend hundreds of hours practicing your 'elevator speech'...

But unless you create a Complimentary Session that has prospective clients completely hooked on coaching and YOU by the end of the call, coaching is going to feel like an uphill climb instead of the joy and freedom of flying you dream about.

Your complimentary session is the PIVOTAL CALL... SLAM DUNK IT!

Laura North, one of Vancouver's first certified coaches, recognizes that the success of her 10 year coaching business, True North Coaching, has many factors but one of the most significant has been the design of her Complimentary Session.

Laura enjoys a 94% return rate on her Complimentary Sessions, and has a very successful practice.

Come and learn Laura's Complimentary Session Design and apply it to your own practice so building your business is as rewarding as coaching. Applying these tools to your complimentary session should help you win many new clients over the years. If these complimentary session tools bring you even one new client -- you will have already doubled your investment.

The Pivotal Call Seminar

Spring 2019
12:30pm - 5:30pm

Address TBD
Vancouver, BC

Cost: $250 (GST included)

The seminar price includes refreshments and a light snack.

To register CLICK HERE and send cheque made payable to LAURA NORTH
to 4477 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 3B1

Visit www.truenorthcoaching.ca for more information about Laura North. If you have any questions and would like to contact Laura directly please call 604.736.4555