Nancy Nichols

Nancy is all about heart and soul. She's filled with... integrity... joy... love... humour... compassion... God... wonder... hope... quietness... tenacity... fierceness... strength... aliveness... grace... passion...tenderness... truth.

Listening to her heart and soul has led her to co-active coaches training and certification through the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

Her grounded, down-to-earth, unhurried life is both nature and nurture: she grew up on a farm in Kansas, bringing in the cows and gathering the eggs. As an adult she has made choices to honour values that create the life that is important to her.

Since graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in education, Nancy has been an educator for life, sharing her love of learning through conversations, relationships, and gifted teaching.

Nancy's life has been formed in the crucible of parenting two sons and 30+ years of marriage. She and her husband lead marriage enrichment seminars with humour and honesty.

She has a wealth of life experience and understanding, as well as skills of intuition and listening that permeate her coaching.

Nancy's Niche

Nancy attracts clients from many walks of life.

  • You may come because of a focus-feeling stuck, money, relationships, life purpose, life balance, fulfilment, spirituality, health, wanting more, wanting less, not knowing what you want!
  • You may come because of a season of life-new challenges, loss, retirement, empty-nest, mid-life, parenting, divorce.

You and Nancy would make a great team if:

  • You want to love your life
  • You want to live from your soul's wisdom and not from expectations of others
  • You are ready to take responsibility for growing and changing
  • You are ready to be truly seen (no matter how beautiful)—by yourself, the coach, and the world



"Nancy's gentle manner belies the measured strength behind it. Though not a push-over, neither does she over push.

Nancy helps me to listen. I am learning to tune into the voice my own life is 'speaking.' Her steady approach can probe, inquire, explore, search for new ways for me to 'hear' my life speaking. Consequently, I am learning to identify where my true values lie."

Sharon Forsyth
Alumni Relations Director, Regent College

"The work that I have done with Nancy has brought about changes in my life that are not only surprising but also incredibly enriching. Nancy has helped me to see myself with new eyes, to change my perspective on challenges and difficulties, and let go of self-defeating habits. I have a sense of fulfilment that is new and exciting."

Jan Lermitte

"Nancy has a strong ability to encourage you to think and act beyond 'safe' parameters, yet feel extremely supported at the same time. She is also gifted at clarifying areas that were cloudy to me, as well as being able to call out unproductive or unhealthy behaviour.

I really enjoyed having her in my corner."

Jeffrey Sharma
Assistant Producer, Electronic Arts

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