Donation Vision

As coaches we commit to our clients' pursuit of fulfilled lives but we also recognize that not everyone has the luxury of self-reflection and the pursuit of dreams. For many, disease, poverty and war is the daily reality and survival is the daily agenda. True North Coaching commits 100% of the net proceeds of Associate referrals to help orphaned children in Liberia, Africa through Equip.

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To quote Bono, of U2, “The issue of AIDS in Africa is not a charity... it is an emergency. Idealism detached from action is just a dream but idealism with pragmatism is very exciting.“

The inspiration to contribute came from 3 places. First of all, the documentary, The Corporation, challenged me to join in changing the face of business. My dream is for social responsibility to become a mandate for all businesses, whether giant corporations or solopreneurs like myself. Imagine a world where social responsibility is part of all your buying decisions. You choose where you buy your gas, your clothes and your services by considering how actively the company is contributing to those in true need.

Secondly, I am always grateful for the challenges from my friend, Paddy Ducklow. A few years ago Paddy challenged me to use my coaching business as a means to give back-which I did. Recently he inspired me, through his church's work with the children of Bufukhula, Uganda to use True North Coaching as a more visible platform to model how businesses can engage in social responsibility.

Thirdly, I was saddened to learn that a friend's Vancouver store and the livelihood of his employees had been destroyed by an arsonist's fire. I was surprised and inspired, however, when I learned that the business existed not only to provide for the needs of my friend and his employees but that its profits went directly to help build orphanages in Africa and provide schooling for 150 children a year to the tune of $100,000 annually! I immediately knew that I wanted to do something like this.

This is part of my personal fulfillment and I challenge YOU to make it part of yours!

Laura North