How to Hire a Coach

  1. Interview the prospective coaches. This can be in person or on the telephone.

  2. Find out about the coach's training and experience. Have they completed the advanced training and become certified at one of the International Coach Federation accredited schools? Was their training competency based? Were they supervised and examined by senior coaches? What other work and life experiences do they possess that may support their ability to coach? How long have they been coaching? How many clients do they maintain? What are their particular niches?

  3. Ask them if they have their own coach. This shows a commitment to their own growth as well as having someone to mentor them and keep their skills current.

  4. Ask for referrals and client testimonials. Call them!

  5. Ask them to describe their particular approach to coaching. Is their approach, specialty area and style compatible with your objectives? Ask potential coaches about their coaching philosophy.

  6. Ask for a complimentary coaching session - this is an excellent way to experience the coach's style and approach.

  7. Confirm that the coach is a member of the International Coach Federation and therefore is governed by professional practice and ethics guidelines. Beware of impostors as coaching is a fairly new profession and it is evolving quickly.

  8. Base your final decision on a combination of the coach's qualifications: training, depth of experience, testimonials, and how well you align with his/her perspectives, approach and personal demeanour.