Is Coaching for You?

Coaching can be of tremendous value for everyone. Most people would rate their lives at about a 7 out of 10 and settle for that. If you are ready to do what it takes to achieve what you want and start living at a 9, 10 or even 11, then coaching is for you.

Coaching is for...

People in Career Transition  A person who is in a decision-making process regarding career future.

People in Life Transition  A person who finds him/herself in a form of transition, whether it is a relationship, re-entering the work force, retirement, health, bereavement, new baby, financial growth or decline or other type of personal situation.

People looking to find a better life balance  A person who wants to enhance his/her vision of life, or begin to plan overall goals, or consider how to balance life and realize a higher level of fulfillment by looking at values, habits and self defeating thinking.

People looking to enhance relationships  A person who wants to deepen current relationships, explore new ways of relating, exercise more effective communication in marital, romantic, parental or friendship relationships.

People looking to explore spirituality  A person who is dissatisfied with their level of spiritual understanding or experience and wants an unbiased format to explore thoughts and feelings around spiritual issues and ideas.

People in executive positions  An executive working in a corporation or a non-profit organization who wants to work more effectively with teams, departments and the board of directors to initiate change, set and achieve goals and increase value.

People who are self-employed  Coaches work with entrepreneurs, professionals in private practice, people who run a business from their home and executives who are thinking of leaving companies and launching a business to hold the vision, develop strategies, create accountability and celebrate successes.

Corporations  Coaching is used by many companies to create a unified vision, better team collaboration, office harmony and life balance for their executives. In turn, this investment contributes to the company's bottom line as the success of the employee is the success of the company.


BE committed to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want.